Geisinger release 8% of nursing time back to direct patient care

Geisinger Health System (GHS) are a large regional medical center, that have been on the forefront of innovative solutions to clinical and operational issues.

Prior research indicated that nurses on inpatient units spend upward of 15% of their time on logistics/supply chain tasks. A project was put in place to determine the actual nursing time spent doing logistics/supply chain tasks and to develop a new model for logistics inside the hospital.


By using simulation to test new ideas, new methods and their feasibility, answers were provided for quick and profitable decision making.

SIMUL8 Partner Efficiency Engineers’ extensive data-driven simulation provided GHS with the information necessary to make massive changes impacting its nationwide operations.

Key Facts

  • Reduced staffing for deliveries by up to 25%
  • Released 8% of nursing time to direct patient care
  • Provided a platform for further innovation and a tool to verify new concepts with low risk

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