SIMUL8 Healthcare Video Resource Library

From product feature videos to the ability to test-drive SIMUL8 in the SimLab, the resources below will let you see SIMUL8 in action and learn more about the uses of simulation in healthcare.

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Introduction: Patient Safety Simulation

Online Workshop Recordings

View recordings from our online healthcare workshops. From simulating patient safety to maximizing your Lean ROI, our workshops provide comprehensive discussion and research on the benefits of simulation in healthcare.


Closing the HIV Testing Gap with SIMUL8

South African charity Shout It Now used SIMUL8 to create a robust process that more than doubled the HIV patients treated per day.

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Lean-led Design

BJC Healthcare drives efficiency with Lean-led design

Introducing LeanHDX - Rodney Mullins from BJC HealthCare demonstrates how he used LeanHDX to consolidate scattered labs into one, helping to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste across their facility.

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Bed Management

Managing Bed Capacity Towards a Solution

What if you knew a bed crisis was going to happen before it happened? Could you do something to reduce its impact?

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Population Health

Modeling an Integrated System for Obesity and Weight Management

This workshop explores the challenges in commissioning a healthcare organization to provide an integrated service for obesity, weight management, and treatment in Nottinghamshire County, UK.

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30% Reduction in Wait Times using DMAIC

Memorial Health has successfully reduced the wait time for a CT scan by 30%, which has reduced length of stay, avoided a capital expenditure cost, and improved throughput in their Trauma Center.

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Supply Chain

Simulating a Secure Solution for the US Drug Supply Chain

Robert Celeste, former Senior Director at GS1 US, explores how simulation was used to demonstrate the supply chain process to gain consensus on a process that would be feasible in the supply chain and meet the needs of State and Federal regulators.

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