How simulation can help to improve bed capacity management

Presenters: Fiona Lindsay, SIMUL8 Healthcare Consultant and Brittany Hagedorn, US Healthcare Lead at SIMUL8.

The challenge of managing hospital bed capacity is well known in healthcare. Whether it’s ensuring bed availability for emergency patients with no waiting, managing elective schedules to fit with emergency demand, allocating patients to the most appropriate unit or improving patient discharge processes it’s all about enabling a smooth, safe, timely flow of patients through the hospital system and maximizing bed capacity without compromising patients.

This workshop shows how simulation can help streamline bed management, help to reduce patient waiting times and improve outcomes. This valuable online workshop will draw on recent simulation projects to consider the questions that need to be answered, the levels of complexity required and lessons learned for constructing simulation models in this area.

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We hope you enjoy the workshop. If you would like to find more about our work in bed management or to find out how SIMUL8 can help your organization, please contact us.

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