Supporting Vulnerable Communities' Health Needs Before they “Fall through the Cracks”.

In our latest whitepaper, SIMUL8 Executive Director of Health and Social Care Claire Cordeaux discusses the importance of early intervention when working with individuals with mental health problems. The paper also discusses how simulation is being used to predict the needs of those with multiple chronic conditions. She writes:

With unmanaged chronic conditions and a poor socioeconomic environment, many vulnerable communities are left without proper healthcare or human services support.

Many individuals in these communities will utilize a combination of health and human services throughout their lives, but effective planning and coordination is not always undertaken, particularly as individuals transition between service providers, non‐profits, governmental programs, and employers. At the same time, these vulnerable populations tend to have more complex needs and often consume the most resources in the long run if they are not well managed.

Only 20% of children with mental health problems, for example, will receive appropriate treatment according to estimates from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Importance of Early Intervention

With more than two thirds of adults living with a mental health problem reporting that symptoms first appeared during their youth, establishing the foundation for healthy emotional and social development is vital to ensuring the mental wellbeing of all Canadians as they progress from childhood to adulthood (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2014).

Early intervention and effective coordination between social services, healthcare providers, and a case manager is needed to support the child through adolescence and into adult services. This helps them to lead healthy lives and prevents them from consuming more resources at a higher total cost…

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