SIMUL8 Healthcare Consulting

SIMUL8 Healthcare consultants combine over 30 years of experience in health and human services.

Working with healthcare organizations across the world, our experienced consultants deliver simulation solutions to solve a range of healthcare industry challenges and improve efficiency. With a wealth of knowledge across health and social care, our consultants work with clients to develop, test and apply simulation models by providing coaching and support, or by managing consulting projects.

"Over the years of working in consulting I've seen many different processes. I love working alongside users and helping them to find new ways to solve problems using simulation."

Fiona Lindsay, Senior Healthcare Consultant, SIMUL8 Corporation

Combining experience and knowledge

By working closely with the software development team, we are continually improving our simulation software to create new features that make simulation easier. Using our software expertise, we can turn simulation models into re-usable templates or products with ease.

SIMUL8’s dedicated healthcare consultants combine experience in health and social care practice, with operational research skills.

Between us we can offer:

  • Simulation and modeling
  • Data analytics
  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Strategy development
  • Performance optimization
  • Product development

Transforming healthcare delivery with our users for over 20 years

Our Consulting Clients include:



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