Using Simulation for Facility Planning in Healthcare

Learn how Memorial Health System use simulation to answer facility planning questions – saving unnecessary costs, avoiding delays in construction, and improving patient safety and satisfaction.

Learn how SIMUL8 has been utilized by Memorial Health System to answer questions around facility planning, helping to avoid unnecessary high fixed costs, delays in construction, and deficient staffing plans.

Graham Prellwitz and Lance Millburg discuss the benefits of using SIMUL8 for validating healthcare facilities ahead of finalizing building plans and construction.

In the session, they shared 4 recommendations for successful simulation projects and discussed how these have been applied across a range of projects, including:

  • During pre-construction planning at a Critical Access Hospital in central Illinois to analyze current and potential services that could be offered at an outpatient testing facility - saving $100,000 in avoided costs for overbuilding a specific service area of the hospital that could be better utilized for other services.
  • Identifying process improvements associated with scheduling services for outpatient services that could lead to increased revenue and market share.
  • To provide leadership with staffing models for an outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy department that was in a pre-construction planning phase.
  • Analzying the throughput of vehicles at Memorial Medical Center to understand the resources required to operate a valet service for 17 hours per day - maintaining proper throughput of vehicles in a circle-drive and improving visitor satisfaction, safety, and proper staffing.

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