How simulation is used in healthcare

Optimizing Operating Rooms

The intelligent utilization of Operating Rooms, and proper management of the patient flow increases revenues, reduces costs, and ultimately improves patient outcomes.

SIMUL8 Professional can be used to identify and test optimum OR staffing, workload levels and scheduling of procedures - all in a risk-free, safe environment.

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Using simulation to optimize the O.R.

Utilizing operating rooms effectively increases productivity and ultimately, saves lives.

Simulation is used by healthcare organizations around the world to ensure that the O.R. resource is used effectively - balancing trauma and elective cases without detriment to patients.

Simulation allows you to experiment with new ways of optimizing your Operating Room and answer questions such as:

  • What if I changed the schedule of operations?
  • What if recovery nurses were used earlier in the process?

Simulation allows you to test these changes in a risk-free environment prior to implementation to ensure that the optimal process is determined with no detriment to patient care.

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Improving Planning in the OR

Ensuring the feasibility of a $31 million OR expansion project: Capacity planning, system design, and patient flow.

Todd Roberts of Memorial Health System demonstrates how simulation was used to ensure the feasibility of a $31 million OR expansion project. Using simulation, MHS reduced length to stay for non-admitted patients in the ED by 27% and improved many other KPI's

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Perioperative Processes

Our partner Visual8, working with the University of Toronto has successfully used SIMUL8 to develop a simulation of the perioperative process which provide benefits to the hospital and has been genericized for use in other hospitals.

The University of Toronto has published a paper, "Perioperative process improvement using discrete event simulation."

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