How simulation is used in healthcare

Quality of Care and Patient Safety

In complex systems like healthcare, where multiple variables and significant variation are a daily reality, simulation can help you drive forward changes that improve efficiency and patient safety.

SIMUL8 Professional enables you to test healthcare process changes in a risk-free environment and build buy-in for improvements with stakeholders.

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Using simulation to improve quality of care

Patient safety is a major concern. Mistakes are far too common, with 10% of procedures resulting in some form of error. This results in more than 1,000 unnecessary deaths a day and costs $1 trillion a year in the US alone.

Simulation allows you to test these changes in a risk-free environment, meaning patients have not been affected. The simulation can then be used to propose changes to stakeholders and get buy-in on the benefits before implementation.

This is where simulation can help. It enables healthcare improvers and planners to look forward and design a virtual system that works prior to implementation, while reducing the risk of errors and engaging stakeholders in driving forward healthcare improvement.

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Simulating Patient Safety

Learn how simulation can be utilized to improve safety and how it can be more widely applied in healthcare.

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MACRA - Understanding Medicare Payment Reform

Discover how different scenarios affect your reimbursement rates and if you can improve them.

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Introduction: Patient Safety Simulation

Get an introduction to creating a patient safety simulation using SIMUL8 Professional

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Uses of Simulation

Simulation can be used to ensure quality care and patient safety throughout healthcare organizations

Patient Centred Care

Test processes before implementation that are responsive to patient needs and offer them a quality care experience throughout.

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Releasing Time to Care

Identify areas of inefficiency and streamline your processes so that you release more time for direct patient care.

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Preventable Harm

Simulation can be used to test processes improvement initiatives that will help mitigate against preventable harm and create a safer, more efficient healthcare delivery system.

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