What is Simulation?

A simulation is a computer model that looks and acts just like your real life process. You can simulate anything - from the flow of patients through an E.R., the staff schedule for an inpatient unit or call center, or the day-to-day operations of the central sterile department.

We've created a quick guide to using simulation in healthcare.

Why would I simulate something?

Mostly, people use simulations to experiment with changes to their processes, without taking the risk of making the changes in real life. You make changes to the simulation and see where things could be improved. For instance you could look at:

  • Where patients or tasks have to wait
  • How long events take
  • How equipment and staff are being utilized

You can try out lots of different ideas quickly - simulating days, weeks or years of your process in only seconds using the software.

What could I achieve?

Simulation gives you confidence in your evidence based decisions. Try out lots of 'what if' scenarios until you are sure that your decision is the right one. Simulation builds in real life randomness so you can be sure your model performs just like your actual process.

For example, patients never seem to arrive to their appointments on time, and it doesn't take the same time to turnover a room every time. By building this into the simulation, the model reflects reality and behaves in the same way as it would in real life.


SIMUL8 revolutionized the market in 1994, transforming simulation from a complex, technical task to something that could be used by anyone. Our team have developed a graphical user interface that is simple, intuitive and powerful at the same time.


SIMUL8 allows you to easily communicate your decisions with others. SIMUL8 is very visual software, helping you to achieve buy-in on your plans. You can show your animated simulation to clients and colleagues and even let them try out different scenarios and compare different results.

The results don't need to be static numbers either, SIMUL8 allows you to make graphs and charts, create results dashboards, output summaries and automatically export to external packages. You can display and analyze information in whatever environment you feel most comfortable in.

SIMUL8 Professional is designed as a High Performance Solution for modeling all types of business processes. In addition, the software's run speed is unrivalled in the marketplace and so provides you with the fastest results with absolutely no compromise on accuracy.

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