Simulating a Secure Solution for the US Drug Supply Chain

Learn how simulation was used to model a secure solution for the US Drug Supply Chain to meet the needs of State and Federal regulators.

In discussions with the US Drug Supply Chain and State and Federal regulators, it became clear that a demonstration was needed to gain consensus on a process that would be feasible in the supply chain and meet the needs of State and Federal regulators. Watch an on-demand recording of the workshop where guest speaker Robert Celeste, Partner at RC Partners, and former Senior Director at GS1 US, explored how simulation was used to demonstrate the supply chain process.

In the workshop, Robert guides you through the simulation built in SIMUL8, which accomplished the following:

  • Mutual understanding of the complexity of the US Medication Supply Chain
  • Understanding the constraints of current regulations
  • Demonstration of a solution that was seen as being operationally feasible, while meeting the intent of the law.

About Robert Celeste

Robert has over thirty years’ experience working within chemical, financial, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. For the past thirteen years, Robert’s experience as Senior Director, Healthcare with GS1, EPCglobal and GS1 US, has allowed him to concentrate on working with regulators (FDA, DEA, California, Florida and Nevada Boards of Pharmacy) on the proper use of Master Data Management and track and trace information and practice. In this capacity, he provides numerous presentations and talks on the subjects of drug traceability, in particular on the 2013 Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA, Title II of the DQSA) and product identification Medical Device Unique Device Identification regulation (UDI).

Watch the Recording

View Workshop Slides

We hope you enjoy the workshop. If you’d like to learn more about Robert’s work, or about using simulation in your organization, please contact us.

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