Ebook: Improving Health Outcomes of Your Population using Simulation

Planning for the health of a population is crucial to ensure the best outcomes, to manage demand and ensure effective services. Better care co-ordination, increased focus on chronic diseases and improved processes should make a big difference in patients' lives and reduce costs.

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Health systems all over the world over are asking these questions:

  • How will shifting demographics and payments systems impact on services?
  • Which interventions will be most effective in achieving targets such as 30-day re-admissions and reducing emergency waits?
  • Which part of the healthcare system gains or loses as a result of change, and how can the system be incentivized to change?

How can simulation help?

Healthcare engineers use simulation to test how emergency department or bed management processes can be improved in a hospital, and it can be used very effectively to model patients' flow through a wider system, from their first contact with a primary care physician to hospital and community services. Simulating a whole system allows you to understand the complexity of the system and examine the flow of patients and activity across organizational boundaries.

With simulation software you can test a change in part of the system and understand the impact across the whole system. Now you can finally get a handle on how value-based payment programs, evolving patient insurance status and demographics, and clinical interventions will come together for your organization.

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Uses of Simulation

Simulation can be used to aid decision making in many areas of Population Health to help drive improvement.

Chronic Disease Innovative Care Models

Simulation is helping to support decision-making in adopting new models of care based around the person, not the disease.

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Health Economics

Using simulation helps test both the transition between disease states and their likely costs and QALYs, as well as helping to understand how the individual patient uses services and resources.

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Accountable Care and PCMH

Simulation can be used as a tool to evaluate potential scenarios, testing hypotheses, and negotiating better contracts with payors.

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Testing Population Health Models of Care

SIMUL8 Director of Healthcare, Claire Cordeaux, discusses her experiences of developing and implementing population health strategies in the UK National Health Service, Canada, and Australia.

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