How simulation is used in healthcare

Staff and Workforce Planning in Healthcare

As the largest ongoing operational expense in healthcare, it is important that staffing and workforce planning is considered throughout healthcare processes.

SIMUL8 Professional helps organizations to improve staff utilization levels and increase service levels for patients.

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How can simulation help with staff and workforce planning?

Planning the healthcare workforce required to meet the health needs of the population, while providing service levels that maximize the outcome and minimize the financial costs, is a complex task.

Staff are the largest ongoing operational expense in healthcare and therefore it is vitally important that staffing and workforce planning is considered throughout healthcare processes.

Simulation can be used at every stage of workforce planning to ensure that there are staff available in the right numbers, with the right skill mix, values and behaviors to deliver high quality care for patients.

Simulation can help you answer questions such as:

  • What would happen if we changed the duration of a shift?
  • What will happen if we modify a protocol?
  • What is the ideal skill mix for the new unit?
  • How can I minimize the overtime staff have to work?
  • At what point do we need to call in extra support?

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Simulation for Strategic Workforce Planning

Learn how simulation was used to re-work nursing roles at an outpatient procedure clinic to release more time to care, and how staff availability impacted patient flow at an outpatient surgery clinic.

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Case study

Balancing Patient Satisfaction and Staff Efficiency

In this workshop Seth Hostetler of Geisinger Health System discusses how he used simulation modeling to help design a new on-demand meal delivery process for inpatient units.

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Case study

Reducing Costs and Patient Transfer Times

Applying simulation to validate improvement scenarios for hospital portering services, The Scarborough Hospital reduced patient transportation turnaround times and delivered annual cost savings of more than $50,000.

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Case study

Avoiding Design Errors in the NHS24 Contact Center

SIMUL8 allowed NHS24 to quantify the most appropriate resource and skills mix for their contact center that was handling up to 14,000 calls per day.

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Using Simulation to Manage Unscheduled Care

Managing unscheduled care is high on the agenda of many health systems worldwide due to a focus on reducing hospitalizations, re-admission rates, and costs. Guest speaker Dr Paul Schmidt, explores how simulation is being used to model a new operational strategy for unscheduled care.

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Emergency Care Planning

If there is an epidemic, what will be the knock on impact on Emergency Departments, bed, discharge services as arrivals increase and fluctuate on an hourly and daily basis?

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