Redefining Workflows with Lean and Simulation

Thanks to everyone who joined us on September 16 for our Redefining Workflows with Lean and Simulation Workshop.

Sean Hartzell and John Budd of ECG Management Consultants gave an excellent presentation, and we were pleased to welcome a global healthcare audience to review the evidence on the effectiveness of combining Lean techniques with simulation to improve workflows.

Please find a recording of the workshop and accompanying slides below.

Last September we were pleased to welcome guest speakers John Budd and Sean Hartzell of ECG Management Consultants. Both speakers have extensive experience working with healthcare organizations to optimize operations across a range of service areas from clinical operations to revenue cycles.

With unprecedented change on the horizon, healthcare organizations are looking to redefine their workflows to focus on quality and efficiency.

Through utilizing SIMUL8 and Lean Six Sigma principles, ECG Management Consultants, Inc. has been able to help clinics and health systems to deliver on the new value proposition in the post-reform era.

Watch the Recording

View Workshop Slides

We hope you enjoy the workshop. If you would like to find more about Sean and John's work or about how SIMUL8 can help your organization please contact us.

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