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Simulation in Healthcare: Top 10 High Impacts

Bringing together the experience of SIMUL8 clients and our consultant team, this ebook outlines 10 common healthcare problems that can be solved with simulation.

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Healthcare Simulation - Executive Guide to Simulation in Health

Read our Executive Guide to Simulation in Health and learn how SIMUL8 simulation software is being used to improve processes and enhance patient care.

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Simulation for Design

Spatial design cannot take place without knowing how the space will be used. Read how using simulation, you can test alternatives and find the best possible layout for your situation.

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Strategic Healthcare Planning: Improving Emergency Care Systems with Simulation

Discover competing and complementary theories on how to improve the whole emergency care system due to political and public pressure.

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A guide to using Simulation and Health Economics

Learn how to use simulation for Health Economic analysis using this Getting Started guide and supporting resources.

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Supporting Vulnerable Communities' Health Needs Before they "Fall through the Cracks"

With unmanaged chronic conditions and a poor socioeconomic environment, many vulnerable communities are left without proper healthcare or human services support.

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Improving Health Outcomes of Your Population using Simulation

Tackling key population health issues to enable healthcare delivery networks deliver on the Triple Aim of quality of care, cost and better health for populations.

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Chronic Disease: More than Medicine

This paper discusses the approach NHS England has taken in adopting new modcels of care and how simulation is helping to support decision-making and dissemination of the concept.

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Download your SIMUL8 Shortcut Guide

From starting and stopping your simulation, to viewing your Visual Logic, this guide contains some of the shortcuts our consultants use most often, and we think you'll find them helpful too!

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