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Optimizing ED Resources to Decrease Waiting Times

In this example simulation of an emergency department, you try experimenting with a range of parameters to improve patient flow.

Can you optimize ED beds and staff to meet the 4 hour maximum wait time?

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Minimize patient wait times and improve patient flow within the ED by experimenting with different parameters.

This simulation shows the flow of patients in an Emergency Department. The department has a target of ensuring that at least 95% if patients are seen by a doctor within 4 hours. To cope with current high demand the department has the opportunity to increase the number of ER beds to the maximum of 4 if needed. It has also gained the approval to increase its staffing as long as this is justified by good waiting times results and satisfactory staff utilization.

Your task is to optimize this number of ER beds and number of staff on each shift to ensure the 4h maximum wait target is achieved. Bear in mind that increasing the number of resources unnecessarily will lead to low utilization and inefficiency which will in turn impact costs. You can see a comparison of your previous attempts by clicking the Results button.

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Why use simulation for emergency department improvements?

Crowding, delays, and diversions in the emergency department can contribute to quality and cost issues across an entire hospital system.

Learn how SIMUL8 simulation software enables hospitals to improve patient flow, reduce walkouts, optimize resources and minimize costs.

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