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Testing Impact of Policy Decisions Using Simulation

Learn how simulation has been used to make evidence-based policy decisions, improve program outcomes and deliver services more efficiently to the public.

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3 Examples of Simulation Success from Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Dr. Tracey England discusses how SIMUL8 has been used to support a diverse range of healthcare improvement projects across Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.

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Learn how Memorial Health System use simulation to answer facility planning questions – saving unnecessary costs, avoiding delays in construction, and improving patient safety.

Learn how SIMUL8 has been used to test laboratory improvements and get practical tips for creating effective simulations.

Discover how Boston Scientific used simulation to test the impact of merging Cath Labs from two different hospital sites.

Watch the webinar recording and find out how simulation is used to predict Level 2 bed needs and reduce blockages & imbalances in bed capacity.

Learn how Vidant Duplin Hospital, based in North Carolina, are using SIMUL8 to test improvements in the Emergency Department.

Reece Holbrook, Technical Fellow at Medtronic, discusses simulation is being used to turn available data from clinical trials into actionable insights for lab managers.

Frank Zilm discusses how simulation was used to explore the implementation of an innovative interventional platform concept as part of a $500 million renewal project.

Join Dr. Phil Smeltzer from The Medical University of South Carolina as he demonstrates an interactive simulation that helps physicians adopt a population health mindset.

Hear from Cheryl Davenport, Director of Health and Care Integration at Leicestershire County Council, about how simulation is helping to evaluate how emergency hospital admissions can be reduced.

Learn how Hamad Medical Corporation are establishing simulation as a key component of their business planning process.

Learn how Memorial Health System has built their simulation team from the ground up into a nationally recognized program in 2 years.

Jacquie White (NHS) and Dr. Eileen Pepler (Canadian Healthcare) discuss how NHS England work in chronic disease is being translated into a Canadian context.

South African charity Shout It Now used SIMUL8 to create a robust process that more than double the number of patients seen per day.

Introducing LeanHDX - Rodney Mullins from BJC HealthCare demonstrates how he used LeanHDX to consolidate scattered labs into one, helping to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste across their facility.

What if you knew a bed crisis was going to happen before it happened? Could you do something to reduce its impact?

Robert Celeste, former Senior Director at GS1 US, explores how simulation was used to demonstrate the supply chain process to gain consensus on a process that would be feasible in the supply chain and meet the needs of State and Federal regulators.

Learn how simulation was used to re-work nursing roles at an outpatient procedure clinic to release more time to care, and how staff availability impacted patient flow at an outpatient surgery clinic.

Managing unscheduled care is high on the agenda of many health systems worldwide due to a focus on reducing hospitalizations, re-admission rates, and costs.Guest speaker Dr Paul Schmidt, explores how simulation is being used to model a new operational strategy for unscheduled care.

Simulation can be used to design new spaces and processes, not just improve the status quo. This workshop looks at a case study that demonstrates the interconnected nature of pre/post surgery operating processes and inpatient census.

With an increase in patient demand and limited resources and capacity, the need to manage ED throughput has never been greater. Eric Hamrock (Johns Hopkins Health System), and Kerrie Paige (SIMUL8 Partner Novasim) present some of the lessons learned through more than a decade of simulation projects at three JHHS Emergency Departments.

Todd Roberts of Memorial Health System demonstrates how simulation was used to ensure the feasibility of a $31 million OR expansion project. Using simulation, MHS reduced length to stay for non-admitted patients in the ED by 27%, reduced percentage of patients leaving without treatment by 50%, and released admit hold time by 37% (Press Ganey).

Today more than ever governments and health providers are under extreme pressure to reduce costs while maintaining patient quality of life. This workshop justifies the use of discrete-event simulation by health economists as a means to provide accurate assessments of value for medical products or services.

Michele Stuart, President of SIMUL8 Partner, Efficiency Engineers, discusses how simulation software has been used in an unusual infrastructure project in which Geisinger Health System wanted to optimize their pneumatic tube system.

In this workshop, Seth Hostetler of Geisinger Health System, discusses how he used simulation modeling to help design a new on-demand meal delivery process for inpatient units.

Dr. John Boulton, IHI Fellow and Rheumatologist, joins the panel to give his insight on using Lean and Simulation methodologies to improve healthcare processes and delivery.

This month Course developer and instructor Ed Burns will join us from the University of Toronto to explore simulation as a key teaching tool for Business Process Management Courses.

We show how simulation can help streamline bed management, reduce patient waiting times and improve outcomes. This workshop draws on recent simulation projects to consider the questions that need to be answered and lessons learned for constructing simulation models in this area.

Using population health as a basis to predict demand for services, and simulating changing patient flows allows stakeholders to understand the impact of change.

Is simulation just one more tool to be dusted off for only the really big, complex, messy projects? Or is there a better way to integrate with Lean that makes the most of both of these tool-sets? SIMUL8’s US Healthcare Lead and Six Sigma Black Belt Brittany Hagedorn will answer these questions and more in this workshop.

Simulation is a helpful technique when trying to predict uncertain futures. Bringing together clinical evidence for best practice with available data for current service utilization for population groups can help drive forward decision-making for change, underpinned with the best evidence available.

We look at patient care pathways and demonstrates how simulation can combine process flow perspectives to include; services, clinical best practice, and the progression of patients through disease states to test the impact of improvement initiatives on patient care, outcomes, costs and resource utilization.

With unprecedented change ahead, healthcare organizations are redefining workflows to focus on quality and efficiency. Using SIMUL8 and Lean Six Sigma principles, ECG Management Consultants can help clinics and health systems deliver on the new value proposition in the post-reform era.

Patient safety is a serious global public health issue. Estimates show that in developed countries 1 in 10 patients is harmed while receiving hospital care (WHO, June 2014).This workshop examines how other high risk sectors use simulation to improve safety and how simulation could be more widely applied in healthcare.

In this webinar we hear about OCCUSIM - a discrete event simulation tool built with SIMUL8 software used to forecast demand for retinal services, identify efficiencies and save costs within the pathway of care.

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